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Protecting NI Water for everyone

11 January 2021 17:00

Every day Northern Ireland Water delivers clean, safe drinking water to approximately 1.9 million people in homes, schools, hospitals and businesses. We play a vital role in public health and our priority is to continue to make sure we supply everyone with clean safe drinking water and to treat your wastewater safely.

NI Water is Northern Ireland’s second biggest landowner after the Forestry Service. While many of our sites are open for the public to enjoy, to ensure our sites remain safe and welcoming for everyone, it is not sustainable for NI Water to facilitate additional signage or memorials on our sites and arrangements will be made for their removal.
We understand that with the Covid-19 restrictions in place that this is a challenging time. We’re following government health advice to make sure everyone stays safe, while making sure we continue to deliver our essential services to you. 

For further information please contact NI Water press office

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