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NI Water pipelaying in Ards and Comber to facilitate new developments

15 March 2023 9:48

NI Water has this week recommenced pipelaying works on the Killinchy Road, Comber to support a large new development.

The work involves the laying of a new storm sewer - between nos. 26 and 50 Killinchy Road – and is being carried out under a lane closure with traffic lights.

Speaking about the Killinchy Road work and a separate scheme planned for Newtownards, NI Water Project Manager, Tom Lester said: “Over half of the 290m-long storm sewer has been successfully laid on Killinchy Road. Unfortunately the work has progressed much slower than anticipated due to the extent of hard rock below the road surface, coupled with the narrowness of the road which restricts the size of machines that can be used to break the rock.

“The remaining section of pipe will be completed under a lane closure with traffic lights. As a result of the difficult construction challenges, we anticipate that this work will take around 10-12 weeks to complete. NI Water assures the public that every effort will be made to complete this pipelaying in the shortest possible timeframe. During this work, road users should allow extra time for their journeys.”

With regards to the programme of work to support a development in Newtownards and the associated traffic management plans, Mr Lester said:

“Next week NI Water will begin another scheme to install wastewater infrastructure on Castle Place, Newtownards to serve a new development adjacent to Frances Street. 

“The work, which will involve the laying of around 140m of sewer pipe and the construction of associated manholes will extend from the junction of Castle Place and Movilla Street into the new development. 

“The work will be undertaken by both traditional open-cut excavation and underground trenchless methods of pipelaying. 

“To facilitate the work in the safest possible manner, a lane closure will be required on Castle Place between its junctions with Movilla Street and Frances Street from 20th March 2023 for around two weeks. The bus stop on Castle Place will be suspended during this time. 

“To enable the safe construction of manholes, a road closure will be required on Movilla Street (between its junction with Kennel Lane and Castle Place) from 7pm on Saturday 25th March to 6am on Monday 27th March and from 7pm on Saturday 1st April to 6am on Monday 3rd April. As part of the traffic management during this time, the junction at Castle Place and High Street will also be closed. A diversion route will be signposted.”

NI Water and our contractors take this opportunity to highlight that construction sites are dangerous areas for unauthorised persons, especially children and we would appreciate your co-operation in ensuring that children do not play in or around the site or machinery. Working areas will have warning signs in place to protect the public from any hazards. The public are advised to stay out of these working areas for their own safety.

We appreciate the patience and cooperation of local residents, businesses and road users in the Comber and Ards areas while we undertake these essential schemes to serve new housing. We assure the public that we will strive to complete the work as quickly as possible and keep disruption to a minimum.


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NI Water has a 3-step process, which allows our team of experts to work closely with developers to assess any network or treatment capacity issues associated with proposed new developments.
We want to ensure that the development process is as simple as possible, so it’s really important to get in touch with the team prior to any application for planning approval. 
For more information, and to complete our Pre-Planning Process Form, log on to:

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