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More than 800,000 taps can't be wrong!

28 June 2013 9:54

NI Water today published its Drinking Water Quality Report for 2012 which shows that customers in Northern Ireland are continuing to be supplied with high quality drinking water.

Introducing the report, Trevor Haslett, Chief Executive Officer of NI Water, commented:

''The repiort being published today represents a close collaboration between NI Water and its' major stakeholders.  This is our ninth annual review on the quality of drinking water in Northern Ireland since new regulations came into force in January 2004.  The Report shows that we are continuing to deliver a very high drinking water quality to our customers.

NI Water aims to provide high quality drinking water, in a cost effective manner, to meet the requirements of both existing and future consumers.  By doing this, we contribute to the health and wellbeing of the community and the needs of commercial customers in a sustainable way.

Drinking water is carefully monitored and tested for quality.  This report summarises NI Water's results from 1 January-31 December 2012 to meet the requirements of the Regulations under which we operate.  During this reporting period, 99.80% of all tests carried out on samples taken from cusomers' taps and authorised supply points complied with the regulatory standards assessed using the Mean Zonal Compliance (MZC) method of assessment.  MZC is the method required by the drinking water regulator in Northern Ireland.

Whilst we continue to make progress, we need to continue to invest for the future to meet the lower regulatory compliance level for lead in 2014.  NI Water is committed to maintaining and, where possible, improving the quality of the drinkling water delivered to our customers.''

The report can be viewed at


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