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Public urged to use water wisely

23 July 2013 16:44

While our water resources remain stable following one of the wettest springs in recent years, NI Water is still urging people to become more aware of the importance of using water wisely.

NI Water supplies around 560 million litres of water each day and the demand on water supply is expected to increase by approximately 8% by 2030. To meet this increase in demand, customers should be more aware of their water usage.

As Maynard Cousley, Acting Head of Water Supply at NI Water explains, we have a responsibility to protect our environment and ensure that water is not wasted:

“Water is a precious resource and water conservation is a key priority for NI Water. Water plays a vital role in our day-to-day lives and it is important that we are all aware of how our actions can impact on the overall usage and wastage of water.

“Over two thirds of our total usage is in fact in the bathroom, and this is where we can start to reduce our use. In Northern Ireland, 423 million litres of water are flushed down toliets each year. Across the UK, that’s 740 billion litres of water which is enough to fill 300,000 Olympic sized swimming pools!

“In the bathroom, we can reduce wastage by turning off unused taps and fixing dripping taps, to having a shower instead of a bath. In the garden, using mulch in the soil will stop water evaporation, or gel bags for hanging baskets. NI Water recommends cutting the lawn and water plants in the evening time.”

If you are aware of waste of water through leaks or fire hydrant abuse in your area, please contact NI Water’s Leakline on 0800 282 011.

NI Water is committed to providing customers with clean, safe water. By following a number of easy steps, customers can form positive habits that will make a difference to conserving this precious resource.

Northern Ireland Water’s Top Tips for Water Efficiency around the home:

  • Have a shower instead of a bath and use a third of the water required
  • Make sure taps are properly switched off and mend leaky taps – taps that drip once a second
  • Don’t leave the tap running while brushing your teeth; just turn it on when you want to rinse or use a glass of water instead
  • Use the plug! Partially filling a sink or basin of water uses much less than leaving the tap running, when washing hands, dishes or vegetables
  • Try to use the dishwasher and washing machine on a full load only
  • Only fill the kettle to the minimum level necessary
  • Plants prefer rain water to tap water: use collected rainwater in a watering can to ensure that plants which need water the most get it first, such as those in pots and containers
  • Collect rain water in a water butt. These are easily fitted to downpipes and can be used to collect water from any sloping roof – from a house to a garden shed or even a dog kennel
  • Garden sprinklers are unnecessary during periods of regular rain, so avoid using them where possible
  • Use buckets of collected rainwater for car washing – perfectly effective and much less wasteful than a hose
  • Use Mulch to retain moisture in soil
  • Use Gel Bags for hanging baskets and plant containers
  • Cut your lawn in the evening time when it is cooler, there will be less water evaporation

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