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'Beat the Freeze' this weekend

15 November 2013 11:19

Pictured showing us how to protect our homes is Molly Walker and Laura McCrystal | NI Water News
With temperatures dropping into minus figures come Monday, why not spend your weekend DIY shopping and getting your home ready for winter.

Lagging is not expensive, nor is it hard to find. Any good DIY store will stock this.    

Follow NI Water’s top tips:

  1. Insulate water tanks and pipes in unheated areas like lofts, garages and outbuildings;
  2. Fix dripping taps – a gentle trickle of water can freeze and completely block the pipe;
  3. Keep your boiler well serviced to ensure your house is heated; 
  4. If you are away from home during the winter period, open the trap door into the roof space to allow some of the warm air to circulate;
  5. If you are away from home you could leave a key with someone who can check the house regularly 
  6. Know where your stop valve is in the case of an emergency - it is normally situated under the kitchen sink;
  7. DO NOT run your tap to avoid a frozen pipe; a running tap can waste up to 3,000 gallons of water per day;
  8. Write down the contact details of a registered plumber in case a  pipe does burst.

Lagging your pipes really is easier than you think. Spending 30mins – 1 hour protecting your property (not forgetting outside taps and outbuildings) this weekend is a small price to pay compared to the heartache and cost of a burst pipe.

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