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Work Completed at Portavoe Reservoir

05 August 2014 14:59

NI Water would like to announce that essential reservoir safety maintenance work has been completed at Portavoe Reservoir.

The maintenance work has been successfully completed with the refurbishment of the valve tower structure, valves, screens and access bridge. Work has also been completed to improve the fencing and gates at the site.

The reservoir will now refill naturally over the next few weeks.  However, the inflows into the reservoir catchment are dependent on the amount of rainfall. The water level will be monitored on an ongoing basis and Swan Mussels will be returned to the reservoir when there is sufficient water inside. NI Water will continue to work closely with the Department of Culture Arts and Leisure (DCAL) and the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) to monitor progress at the site.

Keith Haslett, NI Water Project Sponsor commented:

“During the course of the work, NI Water listened to the concerns expressed and we received some helpful input from stakeholders and other concerned parties along the way. We endeavoured to provide information on an ongoing basis to all interested parties regarding the work at the reservoir and took all possible steps to mitigate against the impact of the works on the local habitat.”

“It has been NI Water’s priority to protect public safety and the local flora and fauna throughout this programme of work and return Portavoe to the highly valued local amenity it has always been.
“NI Water would like to thank the local community for their patience throughout this programme of essential safety reservoir maintenance work.”

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