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NI Water presents its Annual Report and Accounts for 2013/14

09 September 2014 10:31

NI Water is one of Northern Ireland’s largest companies.  Our business is about delivery of water and sewerage services in Northern Ireland which costs around £430m per year.  We provide a vital service which supports the health, environment and local economy of the areas we serve.

Our Annual Report and Accounts is an invaluable source of information relating to NI Water.  

In presenting the report, Chairman, Seán Hogan said:

“NI Water is delighted to present its Annual Report and Accounts for 2013/14.  We continue to successfully transform the delivery of water and sewerage services in Northern Ireland.  Since 2007/08, we have invested £1.5 billion in Northern Ireland’s water and wastewater infrastructure.  This is helping us deliver record levels of service to our customers, become more efficient, and see us better placed to prepare for the challenges which lie ahead.”

Highlights of our Annual Report and Accounts include the following:

  • Putting customers first – we are listening to our customers’ views and building these into our plans to ensure that our customers’ needs are at the heart of our service delivery;

  • Improving performance – our composite customer service (OPA) score has more than doubled from 98 in 2007/08 to a record high of 216 in 2013/14. We are continuing to deliver near record levels of drinking water and wastewater compliance. Pollution incidents remain at near record low levels;

  • Operating more efficiently – we delivered a £7m reduction in our every day running costs in 2013/14 which helped us deliver a 4% average reduction in customer bills.  The efficiency gap with the average of our comparator group has reduced from 49% in 2007/08 to 19% in 2012/13 (measured 1 year in arrears);

  • Building our resilience to meet the demands of a major incident response.  This included our successful response to the tidal surges over December 2013 and January 2014;

  • Preparing for future challenges – climate change, an increasing focus on the value of water, rising customer expectations and higher discharge standards all require us to adopt a more sustainable approach; and

  • Looking for sustainable solutions – these include improved land management, reduced leakage and customer demand; and local management of storm water.  We are also utilising a new wastewater treatment system which uses willows.

Copies of the Annual Report can be viewed at

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