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Watersafe calls for customers to only 'approved plumbers'

06 October 2014 14:56

As part of a continued national awareness drive, NI Water has partnered with WaterSafe, the UK’s national plumbing register, to encourage consumers to check for credentials when choosing a plumber.

New research carried out by WaterSafe found that over half (54%) of UK homeowners would trust a tradesperson based on first appearances rather than professional credentials. More so, over two-thirds (67%)say fresh breath and an attractive smell affect their opinion of a tradesperson, while for a third (30%) a trader’s togs affect how trustworthy they think they are.

Yet, in stark contrast, as little as 30% of homeowners actually check a tradesmen’s professional credentials and are happy to judge them on face value. This is despite the fact that it is estimated that rogue plumbers have cost over £2.6billion in recent years.

In a bid to raise awareness of the importance of checking a plumber’s credentials, WaterSafe is urging homeowners to TAP – Trust Approved Plumbers.

Julie Spinks, Director of WaterSafe, comments: “It’s a great shame that, while consumers are increasingly cautious in all others areas of their everyday life, there is still a lack of awareness about the importance of qualifications and how to check them, when it comes to choosing a tradesperson. The reality, however, of not using a properly qualified plumber is not only dangerous; it’s a false economy and could end up costing the homeowner a small fortune to repair, not to mention the safety hazards.”

NI Water’s Water Fittings Regulations Manger, Michael McGreevy, stated:  “NI Water is delighted to endorse the WaterSafe TAP campaign.  People in Northern Ireland are just as susceptible to rogue traders as the rest of the UK.  By using a Registered Plumber a customer can be assured of the quality of the work they are paying for.  The problems that can occur as a result of bad workmanship can be costly and time consuming to fix, and are all the more frustrating if they could have been prevented.”  

All homeowners need to do is go to the website,, type in their postcode and it will provide them with several approved plumbing businesses in their geographical area.

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