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Flooding preparations from NI Water - Thursday 13th November

13 November 2014 17:17

Flooding preparations from NI Water – Thursday 13th November 2014

There is currently an Amber Warning of intense downpours in Northern Ireland.

NI Water, in co-operation with colleagues in Transport NI and DARD Rivers Agency, is taking the following steps:

• Checking grilles and culverts
• Cleaning gullies in areas that are prone to flooding
• Placing staff on stand-by at various locations including pumping stations
• Working with councils to ensure stocks of sandbags are available for distribution

It is not possible for Government agencies to prevent all flooding, as extreme rainfall events can exceed the design capacity of drainage systems. The agencies will however do their utmost to minimise the impact of any flooding that may occur.

However, we would appeal to people who feel that their property may be at risk of flooding to think about what they themselves can do to reduce the impact – simple things, for example:

• Making plans to prevent water entering their property eg, have sandbags available
• Moving valuable house contents upstairs if that’s possible
• Know where to turn off electricity or gas

Additional advice on how to prepare for a flood and what to do if a flood happens can be found on the NI Direct website ( or by ringing one of the government agencies.

To report a flood, please telephone the Flooding Incident Line on 0300 2000 100.

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