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NI Water statement in relation to water meters

26 November 2014 10:39

NI Water would like to categorically state once more that it is not installing meters to facilitate charging; it has no plans to do so; it is not being instructed or financed to do so and suggestions to the contrary are erroneous.  Only the NI Executive has the power to introduce water charges.  

In accordance with legislation that has been in place since 2007, NI Water must install meters at all properties when they are connected to the public water supply for the first time – this applies to domestic and non-domestic properties.   

Therefore, meters have been installed at new domestic dwellings connected since 2007, however, these meters are not being read and are not being used for charging purposes.  

With the deferral of domestic charging, NI Water sought relief from the legal requirement to install meters on newly-connected domestic dwellings but has been instructed to comply.

NI Water can confirm the instruction to comply with legislation to meter all new builds came from the Department for Regional Development.

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