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£650,000 Flood alleviation scheme for Rostrevor complete

19 May 2015 10:23

Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy announced the completion of a major £650,000 programme of works to improve the sewerage infrastructure and reduce flooding risks in the Rostrevor area, Co Down.

This major storm separation and improvement scheme which will accommodate future development in the area will benefit those living in the St Jude’s Gardens, St Coleman’s Gardens, St Rita’s Park and Rostrevor House areas of the village. The new dedicated storm sewers will also greatly improve the water quality in the Ghann and Rostrevor Rivers. The operation of the nearby Shore Road Wastewater Pumping Station will also be improved.

Minister Danny Kennedy said: “Historically, the Rostrevor area has been impacted by flooding, and these schemes will significantly reduce the risk of flooding in the future, as well as improving the local sewerage infrastructure.”

Ian O’Hare, NI Water Project Manager said: “NI Water and our contractor Quinn Automation Ltd would like to thank all our customers for their patience throughout this programme of work.

“NI Water is keen to keep these new sewers in good condition and blockage free, however, we can’t do this on our own and need help from the public. We would ask people not to flush inappropriate items such as wipes (of any kind), sanitary products and cotton buds. Another way to keep our drains running freely is by not disposing of your left over Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) down the kitchen sink. Instead, let it cool and pour it into a container for disposal.”

You can view first-hand the damage inappropriate items and FOG can do to a sewer by visiting the NI Water Youtube page:
Further information on the project is available at:

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