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NI Water Address City Council re: Woodburn Issues

04 July 2016 14:58

NI Water attended the Growth and Regeneration Committee of Belfast City Council on 27 June to provide members with an update on the situation regarding recently completed exploratory drilling by Infrastrata at Woodburn Forest near Carrickfergus.            
NI Water officials told councillors that: “The security and safety of the public water supply is NI Water’s top priority.  The company would not carry out or permit any activity which would jeopardise the quality of the water delivered to our customers, and we are satisfied that this was the case throughout the now concluded exploratory drilling at Woodburn.

“Measures to ensure the safety and security of the water supply were implemented and closely monitored throughout the process.  As a further precaution, and to assist with allaying public fears, NI Water put increased monitoring of raw water in place at all reservoirs, and at the treatment works.

‘‘In the event of oil being found, Infrastrata would have been required to submit full planning permission.  In this event, NI Water would, as always, have given absolute priority to the safety of the public water supply.  

‘‘With the completion of exploratory drilling, the drill hole will now be securely plugged and the site returned to its original condition as a matter of priority.’’


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