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Speak Up – how to raise a concern about NI Water

Raising a concern can be an important step towards ensuring that potential issues are identified and addressed.  Concerns can be raised about NI Water by staff or members of the public using the below flow chart as a guide.

Flow chart guide showing process of raising a concern

How NI Water will evaluate your concern

Concerns relating to service complaints will be evaluated in accordance with our complaints procedure.

The below guidance is for those concerns which relate to alleged danger, wrongdoing or illegality including fraud, bribery and corruption.

Will you have legal protection?

Legislation is in place to provide a remedy to workers who raise concerns about wrongdoing at work.  It allows them to take their employer to an employment tribunal if they are victimised in any way as a result of raising a concern.  As a member of the public, you have no employment relationship with the organisation about which you are raising a concern and so will not have, and will not need, this legal protection.

Will your identity be revealed?

When you raise a concern with NI Water, it is preferable that you provide your name and contact details so that, if further action is proposed, we can contact you for further information, if required.  This will also allow us to provide feedback.

NI Water treats all concerns raised with the utmost confidentiality.  We will not reveal your identity to another organisation without consulting you first.

NI Water will accept anonymous concerns and will evaluate them as outlined above. However, it may be more difficult to pursue the concern if we are unable to contact you for further information, if required.

How do you contact NI Water?

Please contact Waterline on 03457 440088 or email:  waterline[AT]niwater[DOT]com.  (Customers with hearing difficulties can use ‘Text Relay’ through Waterline 03457 440088.)

You can also call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or the PSNI on 101.

Please pass on specific details if known e.g. the time and date of the incident, location, names and description of the persons involved etc.

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