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Be Smarter With Your Water

17 April 2012 10:34

Kerry Dawson showing son Eoin (5) to turn off the tap when brushing his teeth  | NI Water News
NI Water would like to reassure customers that our reservoirs are just under 90% full and we do not have any concerns regarding the current storage situation.

NI Water continually monitors levels in reservoirs and takes steps to maximise water storage, however, NI Water is reminding customers that although we have sufficient water, we shouldn’t waste it – we all need to be smarter with our water!

“Taking action now to reduce how much water we all use will help us all in the future” says Maynard Cousley, Water supply manager at NI Water.

“Whilst Northern Ireland has a reasonable amount of rainfall, we still need our customers to be ‘water wise’ and realise the importance of conserving water.

“It really is easy to make a big difference, for example, if every customer simply turned the tap off when brushing their teeth, they could save 6 litres of water each! If you multiply that by the amount of people living in Northern Ireland, that’s over 10 million litres of water saved every day.

“10 million litres of water is enough to:

Ӣ Meet the daily needs of 66,000 people;
Ӣ Have 286,000 showers; and
Ӣ Make 625,000 cups of tea.

“We would encourage all our customers to check out our dedicated water efficiency webpages or log on to our Youtube site and watch our short video on how adopting small habits can make a big difference.”

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