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A new campaign, Quality Water, is also being rolled out across Northern Ireland to highlight the significant, often unseen role our scientists and water quality experts play in ensuring the water we provide meets strict quality standards all year round.

Did you know your water is checked 791 times every single day from our water treatment works right to your kitchen tap. Our expert scientists are always checking we meet strict quality standards - And that’s why your tap water is world class.

World Water Day [22nd March], has a theme of ‘Water for Peace’, to recognize the role water plays in global stability, prosperity and peace. 

In honour of this day, NI Water opened the doors of a number of Water Treatment Works to a host of visitors to showcase how we value our water and the role it plays in the prosperity of Northern Ireland. 

Visitors were given a tour of the Works and learnt about the journey of our water from source to tap.  NI Water staff explained the processes used to keep Northern Ireland’s water clean and safe in an ever changing and challenging environment.

Staff from all areas of the business - scientists, environmentalists, and water process supply technicians - were on hand to showcase the behind-the-scenes workings that go into cleaning water.

Gary Presho, Water Supply Area Manager East said We were delighted to be able to facilitate live demonstrations and tours hosted by our expert scientists, who test and check our water on a daily basis

“The hands-on event was also an opportunity for the public to understand how their water is treated and safely tested before it is supplied to their taps at home, while getting involved in some key experiments with our scientific team.”

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