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Sewage treatment

Access to sewerage pipework

In most cases our sewers are situated in roads or public open places. In certain circumstances, however, our sewers may run through private gardens, in which case we have a right of access for maintenance.

Legal agreements between us and our customers are usually set up to outline the conditions for building over, or near, our sewer.

Work on public roads

Many of our watermains and sewers are laid in public roads and footpaths and consequently there will be occasions when we will need to carry out maintenance work on them. There are other occasions when we will need to carry out work on a larger scale to either extend or replace existing watermains or sewers.

Where we carry out work of this nature we undertake to:

  • carry out the work in a manner which causes the minimum disruption or inconvenience to both road users and residents;
  • ensuring public safety at all times; and
  • reinstate the road or footpath to the standard required by Roads Service in accordance with the Street Works (Northern Ireland) Order 1995.

Work on private land

There will be occasions when we need to enter your property to lay new services, maintain existing services or inspect your water or sewerage system. On those occasions and in cases of emergency we will make every effort to notify you before entering your land.

If there is an emergency, we have power of entry to your land without notice. However, we will make every effort to consult with you before doing so.

In either event we will endeavour to cause as little inconvenience and damage as possible. On completion of any work carried out, whether planned or in an emergency, we will make good to a reasonable standard.

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