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Join NI Water’s Free Text Alert Service

08 April 2020 15:04

NI Water are encouraging customers to sign up to its free text alert service which keeps them updated about anything that may impact on their water supply or any of our other services in the area. 

NI Water’s Director of Customer Service Delivery Des Nevin explains, “Water has never been more important with handwashing being a key weapon in the battle against COVID19. While we are working hard to ensure it reaches your tap, sometimes, there will be an interruption and the best way to prepare for this is to know about it. That is what our free text service is for, we want to keep you informed as much as possible and the best way to do this is to send you essential information directly to your mobile.  

“We will only ever contact you in any situation that might affect you or your property. We will never use this information for marketing purposes, and it is completely free. Our aim is to have the ability to contact customers at our fingertips but we need them to sign up to this by registering their details here The more details we have, the more informed customers will be regarding their water supply.”

With a piped network of over 42,000km and over 2,000 water and wastewater installations across Northern Ireland, we are proud of how our staff continue to carry out vital work in the communities they serve. If you see our teams out working, please be assured that this is only to ensure we can meet your water and wastewater needs. We are all practising social distancing – our priority is to keep customers and colleagues safe. So please bear this in mind as our workers carry on with their essential work for you.

A few key points to remember:
If we need to visit your home during this time, to keep you and us safe, please make our staff aware if you are self-isolating.  We will also ask you to respect social distancing for our colleagues if they are on your property.  
Beware of Bogus Callers – if you are concerned about the identity of someone at your door, you can call the PSNI non-emergency number ‘101’ where you will have the option of a ‘Quickcheck’ to confirm the caller is from the utility they say they are.
Remember wipes will clog the sewers and result in blockages and flooding – never flush a wipe. For further information log on to 
Do not let children go near work sites or equipment, these can be extremely dangerous. 

For further advice log on to   

Information on water supply issues affecting your property are also available 24/7 simply by logging onto 

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