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5 Million Litres of Water Tankered Across NI

20 December 2022 15:50

Tanker Fill Point  | NI Water News

NI Water has moved a staggering 5 million litres of water by tanker across Northern Ireland. The mammoth operation started when the freezing weather changed to a thaw resulting in thousands of burst pipes on the water supply network and customer properties.   To date, over 25 tankers have carried 285 loads of treated water to reservoirs struggling to cope with the demand on the system. 

Des Nevin, Director of Customer Operations, comments:

“This is a complex process as it is essential every tanker is cleaned and sterilised, that there are staff available and working throughout the night to fill and drive the tankers, and our scientific teams are on hand to sample the water to ensure it continues to meet stringent quality control checks. 

“We are in a situation where we need everyone to work together to keep the water flowing.  Our customers have a huge part to play in this.  They are our eyes and ears, alerting us to bursts may help us get to them faster and therefore cause less disruption to customers.  We also need customers to check their own properties for bursts.” 

Des continued, “The tankering will continue as long as the need is there.  We have seen our staff step up and go the extra mile, often in treacherous road conditions.  Our thanks also to the Department for Infrastructure for assisting with gritting operations to keep the tankers rolling and water flowing as we approach the Christmas holiday period. 

Leaks can be reported by visiting Report A Leak Or Burst Pipe - Northern Ireland Water (  or using our webchat service online at Contact Us - Northern Ireland Water ( or on Facebook and Twitter @niwnews.  NI Water also has a dedicated Leakline number, 0800 028 2011, open 24 hours a day, every day. Calls are free of charge. If you spot a burst, we’ll find it and fix it.

Vacant properties and properties found with running water may be turned off in an emergency to prevent damage or waste.

Please help us by reducing water usage and turning off running taps

NI Water are encouraging customers to sign up to its free text alert service which keeps them updated about anything that may impact on their water supply or any of our other services in the area. Sign up here


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