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Water saving tips for Non Domestic Customers

There are four steps to making your business or organisation more water efficient. Reducing consumption of hot and cold water will save money on your water and energy bills, as well as demonstrating a commitment to protecting local resources and the environment. The steps are:

  1. Calculate your water consumption
  2. Find and fix leaks
  3. Set targets for improvements
  4. Promote the water saving message to staff

To calculate your water consumption you need to follow the steps outlined below.

  • Understand the amount of water used at your premises
  • Review previous water bills
  • Work out the average daily use in each year
  • Plot results on a graph
  • Look for any increasing trend that can’t be explained – it could be a leak

You may also want to use the Consumer Councils water usage calculator as a guide. This can be found on their website

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