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Bogus callers

If we’re carrying out repair or maintenance work, our employees may need access to your property. For your own safety, always ask for proof of identification. All of our employees carry photographic identity cards.

Remember bogus callers may try to trick you by saying there’s an urgent problem with your water.


Bogus Caller Customer Advice Video:

(NB the number in the video has changed to 0345 744 0088)

If there is someone at your door claiming to be from Northern Ireland Water, please take the following action:

• attach your door chain, if you have one, before opening your door.

• ask to see a photographic identity card from the caller (this can be posted through the letterbox).

If in doubt, keep them out

Northern Ireland Water employees carry photographic identification cards and won’t mind waiting while you confirm their details.

If you are concerned about the identity of someone at your door, call 101 and you will be given the option of going through to the Quick Check facility.

Your call will be answered by a trained police call handler who will take the details from you and will then contact Northern Ireland Water to determine whether the caller is genuine.

Phone Quick Check on 101 to check: Quick Check

• Name

• Serial Number

• Date of Issue

Remember - No Identity No Entry

Beware of bogus officials – always ask to see identification. All Northern Ireland Water employees carry identity cards.

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