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Refill Free and Clean the Sea

Refill Free and Clean the Sea urges NI Water

NI Water is committed to reducing plastic waste and is embracing the global movement to reduce plastic ending up in our oceans by encouraging everyone to refill a reusable bottle with water from the tap. Every bottle refilled means one less plastic bottle potentially ending up in our oceans.Reducing plastics





NI Water reusable bottles are given to the public at key tourist events, festivals, schools, community groups and local golf clubs to reinforce NI Water’s refill message:- Refill Free, Clean the Sea. Reuse me and top up from the tap!


NI Water staff volunteer on beach cleans with Business in the Community, Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful and the Marine Conservation Society, collecting plastic from our shorelines and reinforcing the message about reducing plastic and the damage it does to the environment.

NI Water is undergoing a series of meetings with local councils to discuss partnership opportunities to further promote refill, to reduce plastic waste from single use water bottles and to identify other ways we can work together on recycling.

NI Water’s Water Bus visits schools where children from Key Stage 2 and 3 have opportunities to learn about ‘topping up from the tap.’ The Education team deliver talks on refill to Key Stage 3 pupils.

NI Water are encouraging schools to become ‘Refill Schools’ and make the pledge to reduce single use plastics

NI Water can help by offering free assembly presentations on the importance of refill and providing all pupils with free reusable bottles to encourage good hydration and reducing single use plastic water bottles.

NI Water staff attend a range of conferences to inform the public about the refill message, reinforcing the importance of reducing plastic waste.

NI Water works closely with Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs to deliver the Marine Litter strategy for NI, which includes measures to deliver capital investment to improve wastewater treatment screening facilities at prioritised locations, in line with allocated funding.

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