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Education and the Community

Resources for Schools

COVID-19 Update – Education Programme

Due to current restrictions we are unable to physically visit schools at this time but we have a number of ways we can continue to support your school through virtual lessons, video lessons and follow up resources. To access these please contact education[AT]niwater[DOT]com.


Water Bus

The Waterbus is a double decker bus, which has been transformed into a mobile education unit. It concentrates on the many aspects of water and is aimed at Key Stage 2 pupils. It can accommodate 60 pupils at any one time.

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Water bus

Classroom Visits

At NI Water we’re keen to tell you about water, how we deliver it to your home and then treat the wastewater before returning it safely to the environment.

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Education and the community

Education Centres

Our Education Department is staffed by qualified personnel and offers, free of charge, programmes tailored to the NI curriculum.
You can visit us at the following venues:

  • Silent Valley
  • Heritage Wastewater Centre
  • Water Treatment Plant Visits
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Access for recreation

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