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Fats, oil and grease (FOG)

If poured down kitchen sinks or drains; fats, oil and grease can harden and cause problems in sewers.

Fat blockages result in:

  • Out of sewer flooding
  • Bad smells
  • Rat infestation risks near your home or premises

NI Water spends millions of pounds every year clearing blockages. For a business blocking their own drains will result in extra costs in cleaning them up.

The effects of pouring fat, oil and grease down the sink:

What can you do to help?

At Home
  • Dispose of food scraps in the bin before washing plates
  • Collect waste oil in an airtight container
  • Use a strainer in the sink plug hole to collect scraps. Empty scraps into the bin
In Business ... all of the above plus
  • Arrange for oil to be collected by a licensed waste contractor
  • Install a grease trap which separates the fat from the wastewater
  • Use enzyme dosing systems with special bacteria to reduce the fat

Be aware that there are legal requirements in place to prevent fat, oil and grease entering drains and sewers. Failure to adhere to these can lead to enforcement and prosecution.

What are we doing?

NI Water is investing millions of pounds upgrading and building new sewers and wastewater treatment works. This investment programme will take years to complete and even then you should always:

Bag It And Bin It

Flushing anything other than human waste and toilet paper down the loo can also lead to sewer blockages. For further details see the Bag It And Bin It page on this website.

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