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Water, sewerage and trade effluent charges

Measured water and sewerage charges

Where a meter is fitted, water and sewerage charges are based on the amount of water you use. Sewerage is normally charged on the assumption that 95% of the water used returns to the sewer. Measured charges have two elements:-

  • a standing charge based on the internal diameter of your water supply pipe; and
  • a variable charge based on the water consumption recorded on the water meter (volume of water used). We will read the meter at least once per year.

Our Measured Charges for 2024/25 are summarised in the tables below:

Standing Charges

Supply Pipe Size



Up to 20mm



21 to 25mm



26 to 40mm



41 to 50mm



51 to 75mm



76 to 100mm



Over 100mm



Variable Charge



Volumetric Charge per m3



If you are charged on a measured basis and rates are payable on your property, you are entitled to apply for a domestic allowance.  If granted, volumetric charges will not be applied in each half yearly billing period until consumption exceeds 100m3 for water or 95m3 for sewerage. 

Customers using in excess of 100,000m³ of water per annum and who have implemented a range of water efficient practices can benefit from a reduced Large User Tariff.

Measured charges relate to services already provided and are billed at least twice per year with payment due on receipt unless agreed otherwise.

For full information on non-domestic water charges please read our Scheme of Charges 2024/25

Leaks Affecting Metered Bills

All water supplied through a meter for non-domestic purposes, whether consumed or lost through leakage, will be billed.

If a leak has occurred, you can apply to have the sewerage charges on your bill adjusted to take account of the water which leaked and did not reach the sewer.

We strongly recommend that you check your consumption regularly by reading the meter so that any leak which may occur is identified and repaired as early as possible.

For further information please go to the Leakage responsibilities, allowances and costs section of this website.

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