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Silent Valley

Visitor Centre

Northern Ireland Water provides a range of visitor facilities at the valley including a restaurant, information centre, conference centre and education centre.

This Visitor Centre is an important asset which offers tremendous potential as an educational, community and tourist venue, it includes:

  • A 3D exhibition of NI water projects both historical and modern day
  • A set of informative and fun interactives for both adults and children covering:
    • Global Rainfall
    • Water Cycle
    • Wildlife Booth
    • How We Use & Waste Water
    • Wildlife Viewing
    • Water Aid
    • Together with a wide range of historical and wildlife information

The local’s room within the visitors centre is dedicated to the workers who built the reservoirs.

Telling the local history of the building of the Valley, it is divided into five areas:

  1. Information on the stone cutting known as “feathering” including a figure of a stone cutter sitting in his protective “hood” with an accompanying DVD telling how the cutting was carried out. There is a small section of dry stone walling.
  2. Watertown – what life would have been like, with a display of artefacts.
  3. A replica of a section of inside the Bignian Tunnel, including a figure standing in the tunnel. The voices of former workers can be played, telling their stories.
  4. Information board about the “Valley Jobs” from the Chief Engineer to the workers. A second section names some of the worker”s jobs and the wages paid.
  5. Information about the hardships in finding the solid rock and the fact that it was almost abandoned.

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