how to save water

How to save water

Why save water at home

Why save water at home

We get plenty of rain in Northern Ireland but this rainwater has to be cleaned at our treatment works before it goes into the taps. So the less water we waste the more cost effective the system is.

We all have a part to play to ensure there's enough water for everyone now and in the future.

In this section you will find tips, advice and simple ways you can save water in the bathroom, kitchen and garden and use our tips and pledges to find out how much water you could save.

We each use around 145 litres of clean, treated water every day. How does your household compare with the average? To find out complete our Home Water Audit.

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Home Water Audit
Activity Water Used (Litres) x Times Per Day = Daily Total
Bathing and Showering          
Bath 80 litres x =
Power shower 90 litres x =
Standard shower 35 litres x =
Flushing the Toilet          
Older cistern (1950-2001) 9 litres x =
Older cistern with HIPPO 6 litres x =
Low flush cistern (2001-Present) 6 litres x =
Using the Hand Basin          
Hand washing and teeth cleaning (per person per day) 10 litres x =
If carried out with the tap left running (per person per day) 15 litres x =
Using the Sink          
Washing up, washing nor peeling vegetables running water (5 mins) 30 litres x =
Washing up, washing or peeling vegetables in a basin 6 litres x =
Dripping tap (per tap per day) 30 litres x =
Cooking and drinking (per person) 10 litres x =

Washing Machine and Dishwasher Water Used (litres) x Times Per Week = Weekly Total
Washing machine full setting 70 litres x =
Washing machine half setting 55 litres x =
Washing machine, water efficient model 50 litres x =
Dishwasher full setting 20 litres x =
Dishwasher half load setting 15 litres x =
Dishwasher, water efficient model 10 litres x =

  Total per household per day =

Divide the total for the household per day by the number of people in the household to
calculate the litres per person per day and compare this to the average of 145:
Litres per person per day = Total per household per day / Number of people in household
Litres per person per day / =

Household Information  
Number of People in Household Under 16: 16 - 59: Over 60:

Contact Information

Waterline 0345 744 0088 (Lines open 24 hours 7 days a week)
Operational emergencies, service requests, fault reporting and complaints

Leakline 0800 028 2011 (Lines open 24 hours 7 days a week)
Reporting leaks in public supply system

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